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About Cocooro Catering - FAQs

01. What’s the minimum number of people you serve?
      » Our minimum is 100 guests, however we also accept bookings below 100 with a surcharge fee of 10%.

02. How much is the reservation fee?
      » To reserve the date, we require a deposit of PhP 5,000. This will only be valid for 30 days, if we don’t hear from you within the given period, it will be forfeited.

03. Are personal checks accepted?
      » Yes, but please allow 3 working days for clearing.

04. How much notice is required to reserve for an event?
      » For most events, 2 weeks is sufficient advance notice. However, for big events such us weddings and debuts, atleast 3 months before is required.

05. For the take out menu (QUICK & EASY), how many days before do we need to place an order?
      » For most menu items, 2 days advance order is enough. For items that are harder to outsource like Lengua and Litson Pugon, we might require more time. Please call us for availability.

06. Can I switch one menu item to the other?
      » Yes, as long as they fall under the same price range and category. For example, if you wanted to change your dessert, it can only be replaced by anotherr type of dessert.

07. Aside from catering, what other services do you offer?
      » Please see SERVICES OFFERED

08. I’m on a budget, can you give me a special quotation?
      » Yes. Please CONTACT US

09. How many hours of service do you provide?
      » Service is good for 4 hours, excluding egress and ingress. Additional rates will apply thereafter.

10. Do you offer rental services?
      » Yes. Please download CATERING EQUIPMENT PRICE RENTAL
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